Live Radio Show and Chat Tonight right after True Blood come and 'Talk Blood'

Live TONIGHT: Talk Blood after True Blood

It's Sunday night again! We've got a whole night of fun planned starting with the the premiere of True Blood Season 2, Episode 2 "Keep this Party Going."

And to make sure you keep the party going, be sure to join @TrueBloodDallas of Loving True Blood in Dallas and @SookieBonTemps because we're going to Talk Blood on True Blood live on Blog Talk Radio. Here's how tonight is going to flow:
  • 8:00pm CDT / 9:00pm EDT: Watch True Blood with @SookieBonTemps who'll be tweeting live from Merlotte's
  • 9:oopm CDT / 10:00pm EDT: Tweet @SookieBonTemps and tell her what you thought of the show.
  • 9:15pm CDT / 10:15pm EDT: Talk Blood after True Blood chatroom on Blog Talk Radio opens. Join us here.
  • 9:30pm CDT / 10:30pm EDT: Talk Blood goes live! Join in the fun here or call in at 646.929.0825 and tell us what you thought of tonight's episode!
We hope you'll call in. And if you can't, tweet @SookieBonTemps who'll be reading and reacting to tweets LIVE!

** Talk Blood after True Blood on Blog Talk Radio is created by fans for fans. Endorsed by but not affiliated with HBO or True Blood.

Email 'Dallas' or @SookieBonTemps about the show
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Loving True Blood in Dallas Blogtalk Radio tonight 9 pm: Season 2 spoilers

Wow, let's talk True Blood Season 2 and what we have learned from the spoilers and promotional videos we've been seeing!

I want to HEAR from you - what do you think about the show from what you've seen? How much hotter can these video advertisements and print ads get?

Call-in tonight(646) 929-0825
Chatroom opens at 8:45 and it's a riot!

Countdown is 27 days it June yet ?
No, but almost!

This is our fourth Season 2 spoiler show, here they all are in case you've missed any of them.

Episode one and two here
Episode three and four here
Episode five and six here

Loving True Blood Dallas Blogtalk: Dead and Gone book release ( Episode 20) Tonight we will only

Loving True Blood Dallas Blogtalk: Dead and Gone book release ( Episode 20)

Tonight we will only be a few hours away from the official 12:01 am release day of the long awaited 9th book in the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries, Dead and Gone.

We will have some special bookseller guests and talk about some great book release events. Then it's open phones and I want to hear from you.

What DO you want to/ hope to have happen in this book?
What do you hope/dread for your favorite character ?

Call in tonight, I should be taking calls about 9:30 cst Call-in #(646) 929- 0825

Chat room opens 8:45 pm HERE

Paleyfest coverage from Loving True Blood "Dallas" and @SookieBonTemps: Part 1


Ok , what I'm going to do is use @SookieBonTemps tweets as a narrative for my Paley event photos, videos etc.
I will also add my own comments but Sook did the tweeting and I did video and photographs (because I ended up on the second row) It was so great getting to know @SookieBonTemps in person as we have been online friends since with both started doing our True Blood/ Sookie fan stuff.

We both choose to stay incognito and we are the most unlikely of all teams but I think we did a good job of covering the event together.

So here is Part One :

We line up: 4:30 pm ( doors at 6:00)


We are here!

Gotta good seat ! So excited. ( getting there early paid off)

Holy smokes! Got butterflies!

Everyone say a prayer to the battery gods for me. ( It's always tricky to try to keep our phones charged)

Folks? Anyone want a ticket to the True Blood panel at PaleyFest? ( Yes' we ended up with 2 unused tickets !)

They're playin' the Bill theme

The broodin' Bill music from the show

Feelin' faint

Folks, once this starts, I won't be able to reply to you

Show description from the program.

They're playin' "Take me home." *gettin' teary

Ooh...they're sayin' that they're gonna be showin' Season 2 clips..